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Bonded Rubber Mulch For Active Travel

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As experts in bonded rubber mulch surfaces, we understand how important it can be to install rubber mulch as a cost-effective playground surface and protective measure.

Rubber mulch provides a valuable safety-focused surfacing option with a natural look and wheelchair-friendly design.


What is the Cost of Rubber Mulch for Active Travel?

The average cost for rubber mulch when used for active travel routes is £56-£80 per metre square.

The cost of rubber mulch for active travel surfaces can vary depending on several factors.

These factors include the type of rubber mulch, the thickness of the mulch layer, the size of the area to be covered, installation costs, and any additional materials or services required.

As the UK government is trying to encourage Active Travel, there are various funding programmes and incentive schemes to try and help people travelling to school and work.

Where is Bonded Rubber Mulch Installed for Active Travel Routes?

Rubber mulch is commonly installed in various active travel route scenarios to enhance safety, accessibility, and durability. Here are some common locations and applications where bonded rubber mulch is used for active travel routes:

  • School Walkways: Bonded rubber mulch can be used for walkways leading to and within school campuses or nurseries, creating safe pathways for students to walk or cycle to school.

  • Bike Trails and Cycle Lanes: While less common than other materials like asphalt or concrete, bonded rubber mulch can be used for bike trails or lanes in areas where impact-absorbing qualities are a priority, such as near schools or in recreational settings.

  • Recreational Areas: Parks and recreational areas often use bonded rubber mulch for pathways and play spaces. It's suitable for areas with sports courts, fitness equipment, and other active amenities.

  • Residential Communities: Some residential communities use bonded rubber mulch for sidewalks and pathways to create safe routes for residents to walk or bike within the neighbourhood.

  • Fitness Trails: Bonded rubber mulch is ideal for fitness trails and exercise stations in parks and outdoor gyms. Its shock-absorbing properties make it comfortable for jogging, running, and other high-impact activities.

  • Accessibility Ramps: It's often used for ramps and curb cuts to ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

  • Playgrounds: Bonded rubber mulch is a popular choice for playgrounds because of its excellent impact-absorbing properties. It provides a cushioned surface that helps reduce the risk of injuries from falls, making it safe for children to play on.

  • Pedestrian Plazas: In urban or commercial settings, bonded rubber mulch can be installed in pedestrian plazas to provide a comfortable and slip-resistant walking surface.

  • Senior Living Facilities: Bonded rubber mulch can be installed in areas around senior living facilities to provide a safe and comfortable surface for elderly residents who may use mobility aids like wheelchairs or walkers.

  • Tourist Attractions: In tourist destinations, bonded rubber mulch can be used in areas with heavy foot traffic to create safe and visually appealing pathways.

  • Healthcare Facilities: Bonded rubber mulch can be used around healthcare facilities to create accessible paths for patients, visitors, and staff.

  • Commercial Areas: Some commercial areas may use bonded rubber mulch for pathways and common areas to create an inviting and safe environment for pedestrians.

  • Transportation Hubs: In transportation hubs like bus stops or train stations, bonded rubber mulch can be used for pedestrian walkways to ensure safety and comfort.


When considering bonded rubber mulch for active travel routes, it's essential to work with experienced professionals who can properly install and maintain the surface to ensure its long-term effectiveness and safety.

Proper rubber mulch installation techniques, including surface preparation and edging, are critical to achieving the desired results and ensuring that the surface meets safety and accessibility standards.

What are the Benefits of Rubber Mulch for Active Travel?

Rubber mulch surfacing offers several benefits for active travel environments, such as playgrounds, walking paths, and recreational areas. Here are some of the advantages of using rubber mulch for active travel surfaces:

  • Safety: Safety is a primary concern, especially in areas frequented by children and pedestrians. Rubber mulch provides a cushioned surface that can reduce the risk of injuries from falls, making it particularly suitable for playgrounds and play areas.

  • Impact Absorption: Rubber mulch has shock-absorbing properties, which help minimize the impact on joints and reduce fatigue for those walking or playing on it. This can make it more comfortable for active travellers, including children, adults, and seniors.

  • Durability: Rubber mulch is durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic and weather conditions without deteriorating or becoming compacted. It maintains its resiliency over time, reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacement.

  • Low Maintenance: Unlike natural mulch, rubber mulch does not decompose, so it doesn't need to be replaced as often. This saves time and money on maintenance, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

  • Accessibility: Rubber mulch can be designed and installed to meet accessibility standards, ensuring that it's usable by individuals with disabilities. It can be integrated with ramps, pathways, and other accessible features.

  • Weed Control: Rubber mulch effectively suppresses weed growth, reducing the need for herbicides and manual weeding, which can be especially advantageous for low-maintenance pathways.

  • All-Weather Use: Rubber mulch remains stable and slip-resistant in wet conditions, making it suitable for active travel surfaces year-round. It doesn't become muddy or slippery when it rains.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Many rubber mulch products are made from recycled rubber, diverting used tires from landfills and contributing to sustainability efforts.

  • Colour Variety: Rubber mulch comes in various colours and can be customized to fit the aesthetic preferences of a particular area, enhancing the visual appeal of active travel environments.

  • Noise Reduction: The shock-absorbing properties of rubber mulch can help reduce noise levels, making it an ideal choice for areas where noise pollution is a concern, such as near residential neighbourhoods.

  • Longevity: Rubber mulch has a long lifespan, which means fewer replacements over time compared to other types of surfacing materials.


Bonded Rubber Mulch Surfacing Benefits

This rubber bark bonded mulch surfacing provides a huge range of benefits, making it suitable in a lot of different situations. Our bound rubber mulch safety surfacing options are:

  • Non-toxic.

  • Ideal for all weather conditions.

  • Suitable for use on dirt and grass.

  • Made of durable and tough PU polymer.

  • Reliable at handling critical fall heights.

  • Made with a natural appearance resembling wood bark chippings.

  • Low maintenance.

  • Designed with no top-ups or raking required.

  • More flexible that other surfaces around tree roots.


What is Bonded Rubber Mulch?

Bonded rubber mulch is a combination of shredded rubber mulch bonded into a single safety surface. The rubber is encased in a tough PU polymer coloured with a special coating and light stable pigments.

Rubber Mulch is commonly installed around playground equipment which requires a playground safety surfacing.

Certain play equipment has Critical Fall Height (CFH) requirements which means it will require playground surfacing which meets the CFH requirement.

This is a cost-effective solution to safety surfacing needs that can be installed directly into outdoor spaces as a safety surface, decorative option, or coating for an old surfacing choice.

We aim for maximum quality in every part of the process, aiming for the best tough PU polymer, coloured light stable pigments and rubber bark we can find. This makes the resulting surface even more durable and reliable.

Bonded Rubber Mulch Surface Maintenance

Every part of our mulch, from the tough PU polymer coloured with pigment to the installation itself, is handled by trained experts.

It rarely needs maintenance except in the most extreme of cases, meaning that you can rely on maintenance-free safety surfacing to protect your play space. In the case of significant damage, it is not hard for our experts to re-coat an area as needed.


How is Bonded Rubber Mulch Constructed?

Bonded rubber mulch is made with recycled tyre rubber and a flexible bonding agent, creating the bonded mulch we use for many other safety surfacing purposes.

How we Install Rubber Mulch

Similar to wet pour rubber, we can install rubber mulch as a playground surface with ease. It only takes a short time to make sure that the mulch itself is all placed correctly and has managed to settle properly.

We simply mix the rubber with a tough binder resin, wait until it has fully cured, and then use it as a surface coating in playgrounds in a similar way to wet-pour rubber surface designs.

The resulting fully cured mulch looks natural, does not stifle grass, offers great surface durability, and protects children from harm. A trim trail can mark out the natural limits of the surface itself before installation.

Recycled Tyre Rubber for Active Travel Routes

Our use of recycled tyre rubber allows us to provide effective surfacing while also helping to prevent rubber waste. Not only does this prevent the rubber from being thrown away, but it allows us to source our materials a lot more effectively.

Despite what many people might think at first, tyre rubber is incredibly good at breaking falls. Not only can it be surprisingly durable, but it offers a range of major advantages over other rubber options for the sheer fact that it can withstand a lot of punishment.


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