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Artificial grass surfacing can be a great addition to any space in Dyffryn, providing year-round synthetic turf that is almost as good as real, natural grass - if not better.

But what makes this fake grass so useful, and why is this surfacing mulch so important for synthetic turf uses?


How Much Does Synthetic Grass Cost for Active Travel?

The average cost for synthetic grass for active travel routes is £65-£100 per metre square.

The cost of artificial grass active travel paths, walkways, or recreational areas can vary widely based on several factors, including the type and quality of synthetic grass chosen, the size and complexity of the project, labour costs in your area, and any additional site-specific requirements.

Here are some key factors that can influence the cost of synthetic grass for active travel:

  • Type and Quality of Synthetic Grass: The cost of synthetic grass can vary significantly depending on the type and quality of the grass. Higher-quality synthetic grass with a more natural look and feel may be more expensive than lower-quality options.

  • Pile Height: The height of the synthetic grass pile can affect the cost. Longer pile heights often cost more than shorter ones, but they can provide a more luxurious appearance.

  • Density: Denser synthetic grass with more fibres per square inch can be more expensive but tends to look more realistic and withstand heavy use better.

  • Infill Material: Some synthetic grass installations require infill material, which adds to the cost. Infill can improve the stability and durability of the surface.

  • Installation Costs: Labour costs for installation can vary depending on the complexity of the project, site preparation requirements, and local labour rates. The cost of labour can be a significant portion of the overall project cost.

  • Site Preparation: The condition of the site and the amount of preparation work required can impact costs. If the area needs excavation, grading, or drainage improvements, it will add to the overall cost.

  • Edging and Borders: Installing edging or borders around the synthetic grass area can add to the cost but can also enhance the appearance and durability of the surface.

  • Access: The ease of access to the project site can influence costs. Difficult-to-reach areas may require special equipment or more labour, increasing expenses.

  • Maintenance: Synthetic grass is generally low-maintenance, but you should budget for occasional cleaning and grooming to keep it looking its best over time.

  • Warranty: Higher-quality synthetic grass often comes with longer warranties, which can affect the initial cost but provide peace of mind regarding durability and performance.

We can help our clients budget for these projects, ensuring that we are not pushing them to spend more than they can afford.

The UK government is helping fund a lot of active travel programmes to encourage commuters to get active.


Artificial Grass Surfacing Uses for Active Travel

Artificial grass surfacing, often referred to as synthetic turf or synthetic grass, can be used for various active travel applications to create safe, durable, and visually appealing surfaces for pedestrians and cyclists. Here are some common uses of artificial grass surfacing for active travel:

  • Footpaths and Walkways: Artificial grass can be installed to create footpaths and walkways in parks, urban areas, and public spaces. It provides a comfortable and low-maintenance surface for pedestrians to walk on.

  • Cycle Paths and Bike Lanes: Synthetic turf is suitable for creating dedicated cycle paths and bike lanes. It offers a smooth and even surface for cyclists while reducing the risk of accidents caused by loose gravel or uneven terrain.

  • Recreational Trails: Artificial grass can be used to construct recreational trails and pathways in natural areas, providing a soft and stable surface for hikers, joggers, and walkers.

  • Shared Use Paths: In areas where pedestrians and cyclists share the same space, artificial grass can create a unified and safe surface for both modes of travel. It ensures a comfortable experience for all users.

  • School & Nurseries: Synthetic grass can be used in schools and nurseries to create safe and durable pathways for students and staff, promoting active transportation within educational institutions.

  • Public Spaces and Courtyards: Artificial grass surfacing can enhance the aesthetics of public spaces and courtyards, making them inviting spaces for people to walk, relax, and engage in active travel.

  • Urban Parks and Playgrounds: Synthetic turf is often used in urban parks and playgrounds to provide a soft and cushioned surface for children to play on. It encourages physical activity and active play.

  • Shopping Centres: In pedestrianised areas or shopping centres, artificial grass can serve as an attractive and comfortable walking surface for shoppers and visitors.

  • Commercial and Residential Developments: Synthetic grass can be used in housing developments, shopping centres, and business districts to create pedestrian-friendly walkways and outdoor seating areas.

  • Accessibility Ramps: Artificial grass can be installed on accessible ramps to provide a smooth and slip-resistant surface that complies with accessibility standards.

  • Promenades and Waterfronts: Along waterfronts and promenades, artificial grass can offer a comfortable and visually appealing surface for strolling, jogging, or enjoying scenic views.


Other Uses for Artificial Grass

Artificial grass can be used to create safe and consistent grass spaces in a range of locations, including:

  • School playgrounds

  • Nurseries

  • School fields

  • Private gardens

  • Play spaces

  • Sports areas

  • Stadiums

  • Office areas

  • Plazas

  • Rooftop terraces

  • Areas that normally struggle with mud or muddy ground

  • Interior spaces where grass would not normally grow

Schools in Dyffryn are one of the most typical clients, given that playgrounds often require artificial grass to be installed to keep children safe.

However, this does not mean that our grass is only something schools and nurseries can install - countless clients have relied on us to create a synthetic grass surfacing space for them.


Advantages of Synthetic Lawn Surfacing for Active Travel

Synthetic lawn surfacing, commonly known as artificial grass or synthetic turf, offers several advantages for active travel routes and pathways.

These benefits make it a popular choice for creating safe, durable, and visually appealing surfaces for pedestrians and cyclists. Here are some of the key advantages of synthetic lawn surfacing for active travel:

  • Safety: Synthetic lawn surfaces provide a safe and slip-resistant walking and cycling environment. The consistent and cushioned surface reduces the risk of trips and falls, promoting pedestrian and cyclist safety.

  • Comfort: Artificial grass offers a soft and comfortable surface for walking and cycling. It is gentle on joints and reduces the impact on the body, making it suitable for users of all ages.

  • Durability: Synthetic turf is highly durable and can withstand heavy foot and bike traffic, as well as exposure to the elements. It maintains its appearance and performance even with frequent use.

  • Low Maintenance: Synthetic grass requires minimal maintenance compared to natural grass. It doesn't need mowing, watering, or fertilising, which saves both time and resources.

  • Year-Round Use: Unlike natural grass, synthetic lawn surfacing remains usable year-round, regardless of weather conditions. It doesn't become muddy or waterlogged in rainy seasons and doesn't brown or die in dry conditions.

  • Permeability: Some synthetic grass systems are designed to be permeable, allowing rainwater to pass through and drain into the ground beneath. This helps prevent puddling and surface water runoff, reducing the risk of flooding.

  • Customisation: Artificial grass can be customised in terms of colour, texture, and design. It allows for creative patterns, logos, and markings, making it possible to create attractive and distinctive active travel routes.

  • Accessibility: Synthetic turf can be installed to meet accessibility standards. It creates a smooth, even surface that is wheelchair-friendly and suitable for people with mobility challenges.

  • UV Stability: High-quality synthetic grass is UV-stable, meaning it won't fade or degrade when exposed to sunlight for extended periods. This ensures that the surface maintains its appearance and performance over time.

  • Quick Installation: Synthetic lawn surfacing can often be installed relatively quickly, minimizing disruption to the area where the active travel route is being created or renovated.

  • Eco-Friendly Options: Some synthetic grass products are made from recycled materials, contributing to sustainability goals. Additionally, the water savings achieved by not needing irrigation can be environmentally friendly.

  • Consistent Surface: Synthetic grass provides a consistently smooth and level surface, reducing tripping hazards and making it suitable for inline skating, skateboarding, or similar activities.

  • Noise Reduction: It can help reduce noise pollution in urban areas compared to hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt.

Overall, synthetic lawn surfacing is a versatile and practical choice for creating safe, attractive, and long-lasting active travel routes that cater to the needs of pedestrians and cyclists while offering a range of benefits for both users and the environment.


Dyffryn Leisure Grass Service Specialists

As dedicated artificial grass surface specialists, we take these surfaces seriously. We know that they are often used in schools and play areas (as well as school play areas) to protect children and maintain a nice play space without the grass getting muddy or dying out.

Each surface we have installed was chosen by the school in Dyffryn, play area owner or other clients that needed us to install artificial grass turf for them.

Our artificial grass is pet friendly, so you don't have to worry about dogs, cats or other pets using it.

We provide year-round grass surface maintenance and installation services, offering a huge range of potential play area surfaces to choose from.

What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass surface mulch is a kind of synthetic grass often used around sports areas, schools, playground equipment and other spaces where the tarmac is unreliable.

This synthetic grass is made from an artificial turf mulch that requires far less maintenance, making it the perfect solution for primary schools and other spaces where children play and stay active often.


Artificial Grass Specification Dyffryn

The exact kind of artificial grass that you should get depends on your needs.

We can walk you through all of the synthetic grass options available, ensuring that you get the right kind of artificial grass installed in your school, play area, home or other space.

There are a lot of factors to consider, but most of them are not immediately obvious until you start comparing options. Our experts know how to break down the differences so that you can find the right surface for your needs, no matter how niche and specific they might be.

Other Services We Offer:

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If you want to know more about the artificial grass we offer or how we can create safe "fake" grassy areas in school yards and nurseries, contact us today and talk with our experts.

We can easily create everything from a school play area to an apartment building's artificial grass rooftop terrace.

Our Dyffryn artificial grass is suitable for a huge variety of purposes.

Whether you are looking for a specific kind of artificial grass or have no idea how to start your search, we can help direct you to the right option for your needs and ensure that it is installed quickly and correctly.


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