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Outdoor surface painting can be invaluable for protecting people in outdoor areas in Cornwall. Exterior surface paint has a range of practical applications in many locations, from sports courts to car parks.

You need suitable outdoor paint that you can rely on to get the best possible results, but finding that is not easy.

As Cornwall specialists in outdoor surface paintwork, we understand how important outdoor painting can be in many situations. We offer the right tools and skills to get the job done well, whether that means a single surface painted or entire concrete floors getting their own coating.


Types of Outdoor Painting for Active Travel

Outdoor painting for active travel routes involves various types of markings and signage designed to enhance safety, provide direction, and improve the overall user experience for pedestrians and cyclists.

Here are some common types of outdoor painting used for active travel routes:

  • Crosswalk Markings: Crosswalks are painted across roadways at intersections to indicate designated pedestrian crossing areas. They often include white lines in the shape of a cross and may be accompanied by pedestrian signs and signals.

  • Pedestrian Lane Markings: These markings are used to delineate pedestrian lanes or pathways within a larger shared space, such as a promenade or pedestrianised street. They help organise foot traffic and improve safety.

  • Bike Lane Markings: Bike lanes are painted with white lines and symbols to designate areas exclusively for cyclists. These markings include bike symbols, arrows, and lane borders to guide cyclists and inform motorists.

  • Shared-Use Path Markings: On shared-use paths where pedestrians and cyclists coexist, markings may include symbols and directional arrows to indicate the proper lanes for each user group and to promote safe cohabitation.

  • Directional Arrows: Arrows painted on the ground can provide directional guidance for both pedestrians and cyclists, helping them navigate complex intersections or multi-use pathways.

  • Stop Lines: Stop lines are painted on active travel routes at intersections to indicate where cyclists or pedestrians should stop before crossing a road or another path.

  • Zebra Crossings: Zebra crossings feature alternating black and white stripes painted across a road. They are commonly used for pedestrian crossings and are highly visible to motorists.

  • Pedestrian Crossing Signs: Painted pedestrian symbols or signs on the ground, often accompanied by "yield to pedestrians" markings, help draw attention to crosswalks and enhance safety.

  • Wayfinding Markings: Wayfinding markings can include painted symbols or directional cues on the ground to guide pedestrians and cyclists along designated routes, helping them reach their destinations more easily.

  • Bus Stop Markings: Painted markings at bus stops can indicate where pedestrians should wait for buses, enhancing passenger safety and organisation.

  • School Zone Markings: In school zones, painted markings on the road may include school zone speed limits, school crossing symbols, and "School Zone" lettering to alert motorists to the presence of children and enhanced safety measures.

  • Lane Separators: Painted lane separators can be used to create clear divisions between pedestrian paths, bike lanes, and vehicular lanes, reducing the risk of conflicts and enhancing safety.

  • Shared Space Markings: In shared space or mixed-use areas, such as pedestrianised streets, shared space markings can indicate the boundary between pedestrian zones and areas open to vehicles, helping maintain safety and order.

  • Stencilled Messages: Stencilled messages or symbols on active travel routes can convey important information, such as "Watch for Bicycles," "Yield to Pedestrians," or other safety reminders.

  • Curb and Pavement Colouration: In some cases, different colours of paint or coatings can be used to highlight specific areas or designate different zones within an active travel route, aiding navigation and safety.


These types of outdoor painting and markings are essential for creating organised, safe, and user-friendly active travel routes that cater to the needs of pedestrians and cyclists while promoting safety and efficient mobility.

The specific markings used will depend on local regulations and the design of the active travel route.

What is Outdoor Surface Painting for?

Outdoor surface paint is used for painting any outside surface, usually to mark out particular areas and protect people using those spaces.

Even a small amount of paint can mark out safe edges, warn against a dangerous surface, and keep pedestrians away from the equipment or moving traffic.

If you need an example of why this surface painting is so important in Cornwall, then here are some of the most common reasons that facilities and public spaces focus on painting and repainting markings on their outdoor surfaces.

Even the most basic patio paint and filler can be incredibly useful. Brush the right paint onto the right part of the patio, and you can create non-slip patio stairs or a colourful patio playground for younger children to enjoy.

Costs of Outdoor Surface Painting for Active Travel

The average cost of outdoor surface painting for active travel is £850-£3,500.

The cost of outdoor surface painting for active travel routes can vary widely based on several factors, including the type of markings, the complexity of the project, the size of the area to be painted, local labour rates, and materials used.

There is active travel funding available to local authorities to encourage this initiative.


Where is Outdoor Surface Paint Installed?

Outdoor surface paint is installed in various locations and settings to serve different purposes related to safety, organisation, and aesthetics.

Playground Flooring Coloured Painting Cornwall

Playground floor markings are a good way to help children exercise and play, making it easy to create defined areas with various colour options without actually having to build anything.

Careful use of colours can represent materials like sand, defined play areas, or even make the bare concrete look more appealing.

Not only does the colour-heavy appearance spark more creativity in the children using the playground, but schools may rely on it to mark out sports areas, painted boundaries, or even team markings for outdoor activities.

Cycle Lane Colour Painting

Marking out cycle lanes makes it easier for Cornwall cyclists to adhere to the path, which becomes important if the edges of the lane brush up against high-traffic road sections.

British standards often require cycle lanes to be marked to prevent collisions and to ensure that cyclists know which surfaces are designed as safe places to cycle. Good cycle lane colour painting makes each safe surface clear and distinct, especially in busy urban and suburban areas.

Anti-Slip Step Paint

In any case, steps often require unique anti-slip step paint measures to ensure they are not a falling hazard.

Painting over the edges of step surfaces with hard-wearing non-slip paint can massively reduce the chances of people slipping in poor weather, which becomes especially important in areas with a lot of moisture.

Even a light coat can offer better foot-gripping surfaces while adding a splash of colour to the steps themselves.


White Line Road Markings Cornwall

Road markings are vital to keeping any road safe and can be invaluable for marking out important spaces such as crossings or danger areas.

Painting simple, light markings can be an excellent protective measure. They can not only direct cars on where to go but will help pedestrians stay out of areas where they could get hit.

Warehouse Line Painting Cornwall

Warehouses and other industrial spaces often rely on various paint colours to mark out specific areas or to provide safety lines in key spaces.

A simple coat of paint in a loading zone or unloading area can massively reduce the risk of accidents, with multiple colours allowing each zone to be colour-coded as needed.

Car Park Painting

Like roads, car parks require paint to mark out different parking bays and tell cars where to go. Not only can good paint mark out entire parking areas on concrete, but it might provide valuable safety benefits for any car parks directly connected to busy roads and pedestrian-heavy areas.

Benefits of Active Travel Outdoor Surface Painting

Active travel outdoor surface painting offers several benefits for both pedestrians and cyclists, as well as the overall safety and usability of transportation infrastructure. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Enhanced Safety: Outdoor surface painting helps delineate pedestrian crosswalks, bike lanes, and other active travel areas. These markings improve visibility, reduce confusion, and enhance safety for all road users.

  • Clear Wayfinding: Well-marked active travel routes provide clear wayfinding information for pedestrians and cyclists. They help users navigate complex intersections, streets, and paths, reducing the likelihood of getting lost.

  • Traffic Organisation: Markings such as lane dividers, directional arrows, and stop lines help organise traffic flow, preventing conflicts between pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicles. This organisation promotes a smoother and safer travel experience.

  • Pedestrian Priority: Markings like zebra crossings and "yield to pedestrians" symbols reinforce pedestrian priority in crosswalks and shared spaces. This encourages drivers to yield to pedestrians, promoting a safer environment for walking.

  • Cyclist Safety: Bike lane markings clearly designate areas for cyclists, reducing the risk of collisions with motor vehicles. These markings also remind drivers to share the road responsibly.

  • Improved Accessibility: Outdoor surface painting can include markings indicating accessible routes and drop-off zones for individuals with disabilities, enhancing accessibility for all users.

  • Traffic Calming: Markings such as speed humps and crosswalks in school zones or residential areas can serve as traffic calming measures, slowing down vehicles and increasing safety for active travellers.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Reflective and high-contrast paint or materials can be used to improve visibility at night or in adverse weather conditions, increasing safety for all road users.

  • Promotes Active Travel: Clearly marked active travel routes and pathways encourage people to walk and cycle, supporting active and sustainable modes of transportation and reducing reliance on motor vehicles.

  • Community Engagement: Outdoor surface painting can incorporate community-specific designs, art, or cultural elements, fostering a sense of pride and ownership among residents and users of the active travel routes.

  • Cost-Effective: Markings are generally a cost-effective way to improve road safety and organisation compared to more extensive infrastructure changes.

  • Environmental Benefits: Encouraging walking and cycling through well-marked paths and lanes can contribute to reducing air pollution, traffic congestion, and greenhouse gas emissions associated with motorised transportation.

  • Maintenance Awareness: Over time, faded or damaged markings can serve as a visual cue for necessary maintenance or repainting, ensuring continued safety and usability.



We offer to paint for every situation, doing our best to solve the problem in one coat if possible. For example, in the past, our paint has been used for:

  • Marking cracks, wear and tear that you need to repair or fill.

  • Marking out the measurements of a project in progress, such as a new patio.

  • Designating dumping zones, such as for containers of dirt.

  • Designating pick-up and drop-off spaces.

  • Protecting floors from becoming slippery when exposed to moisture.

  • Adding safety boundaries to concrete floors.

  • Replacing plastic markings that may be worn out or have developed cracks.

We can provide paint for countless different purposes, using our range of services to ensure that clients get whatever results they need.

Whether masonry paint for a patio or concrete paint for a dirt-dumping zone, our services can get you the paint option you need.

Our Outdoor Surface Paints

We have sourced a range of paint options for any surface, from masonry paint to countless concrete paint colours.

We focus our services on applying the best possible paint options for each client's situation, whether as a security aid, safety measure, or to use as directions and guidance.

Our Cornwall painting process focuses on quality above all else. We choose the best paint for each surfacing option we encounter, making sure to use more paint as needed while sticking to the client's colour palette.

Whether we are marking out boundaries around holes in concrete or trying to make a non-slip paint film surface on steps that often deal with wet weather and slippery grease, we know what we are doing.

We have provided countless UK businesses with paint that was suited perfectly to their needs.


Other Services We Offer:

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If you want to know more about our paint options, or need expert advice on paint in various Cornwall weather conditions, contact us today.

We can provide the brush, the seal, the filler, the roller, and whatever other equipment you need to get the job done quickly.

We understand how to fill client requests while still giving them the paint results they want, all for a reasonable price.

We can minimise peel problems, guarantee a long life period, and ensure that your concrete paint is applied correctly throughout the process while avoiding issues like shrinkage and patio damage.

Paint like this can be invaluable for all kinds of purposes, and we hope you will get in touch to learn more about what we can offer in Cornwall.

Whether it is a brush or a roller, we have the paint and the filler to give your road, pathway or patio the markings it needs.


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