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Active travel is a government initiative focusing on getting more people in Cullion to walk and cycle for short journeys instead of relying on public transport.

This is a way of improving the health and fitness of communities across the country and improving air quality by reducing congestion and carbon emissions in urban areas.

As an active travel surfacing business, we contribute to increasing active travel in your local area by making walking and cycling more accessible.

We do this by offering more walk paths and cycling routes in regions to encourage people to take the natural choice for their everyday journeys.

Our company works alongside many local authorities, including schools, businesses, and leisure facilities in Cullion and across the UK.

With so many benefits coming from active travel, we want to make walking and cycling more accessible in all communities so people can become healthier and happier at home.

By increasing levels of accessible paths and cycle routes, we can contribute to healthier communities in towns across the nation and are available for a range of services.

If you are interested in the work we do in Cullion, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to learn more.


Why Use Us?

We are an accredited active travel surface installer business that has completed all the necessary training to work in communities across the country.

Our Cullion team has a range of certifications, including CHAS and ConstructionLine verification ensuring the highest standard of work every time.

We have been working in this field for over ten years and, in recent years, have joined the Active Travel initiative to improve towns across the UK.

With this many years of experience, our team understands how active travel can improve any local area, which informs our work.

We can work in any environment, from towns to cities and beyond, to support the needs of the local people in terms of active travel solutions.

Our company remains competitive on pricing for our services, allowing us to deliver Active Travel to all regions.

We have a great relationship with suppliers in this industry and work with local manufacturing to provide an affordable service across the country.

Active Travel demonstrates the importance of a healthy lifestyle for all in Cullion, which is why we strive to make walking and cycling accessible everywhere.

With our competitive prices, expert installer team, and local connections, we can improve towns and cities in all regions.

What is Active Travel?

Active Travel is an initiative that focuses on reducing congestion, carbon emission, and health issues in Cullion and all regions across the UK and on increasing active travel, such as walking and cycling.

With walkways and cycling routes, we aim to encourage people to ditch public transport and their cars for healthier movement during their everyday journeys.

When it is easier to travel around your local area by foot or bike, we can reduce the number of car journeys and the demand for public transport.

Not only does active travel improve your health, but it can also drastically reduce carbon emissions in any area. You can improve your health and the environment by opting for walking and cycling instead of going by car.

Active Travel in

As a Cullion surfacing company, we are working as part of the Active Travel plan to make walking and cycling more accessible in all regions. We create walkways, cycling routes, and path infrastructure for wheelchair users to encourage people to get outdoors.

It is easier to walk or cycle when there are spaces in your community for this, which is where we come in.

We aim to deliver great service to all our clients and want to make it easier for people to get to school, the shops or simply around the town without using public transport or their car.

As well as making walking and cycling easier for everyone, the Active Travel initiative educates people in business, children in schools, and other community members regarding the importance of active travel for both health and the environment.

We are committed to making Cullion a healthy and safe place for everyone, so we offer Active Travel, walking and cycling infrastructure installation nationwide.


What are Examples of Active Travel?

Active travel refers to modes of transportation that involve physical activity, typically walking and cycling, as the primary means of getting from one place to another. Here are some examples of active travel:

  • Walking: Walking is one of the most common forms of active travel. It includes walking for various purposes, such as commuting to work, going to school, running errands, or simply taking a leisurely stroll.

  • Cycling: Cycling involves riding bicycles for transportation. People use bicycles for commuting, recreational rides, and even for errands. Bicycle-sharing programs have made cycling more accessible in many urban areas.

  • Jogging and Running: While primarily seen as a form of exercise, jogging and running can also be modes of active travel, particularly for shorter trips or when individuals choose to run instead of walk for transportation.

  • Skating: Inline skating, rollerblading, and skateboarding are alternative forms of active travel for those who are comfortable with these activities. They are often used for shorter trips within neighbourhoods or on designated paths.

  • Scooter Riding: Electric scooters and kick scooters have gained popularity as a mode of active travel in many urban areas. Users can rent scooters to travel short distances.

  • Public Transportation Combined with Walking/Cycling: Active travel doesn't necessarily mean exclusively walking or cycling. Many people use public transportation (buses, trains, subways) and combine it with walking or cycling for the first and last legs of their journeys.

Benefits of Active Travel

Opting to walk or cycle around your area instead of using public transport can offer many benefits, including the following:

Active Travel in
  • Reduced congestion, even in high-traffic areas

  • Reduced air pollution

  • Higher-quality public areas, which are made for walking and cycling

  • Better physical, mental and social health in all towns

  • Reduced carbon emissions which can help reach carbon-zero goals nationally

  • Increased economic growth in all regions

  • Better communities with reduced inequality, as active travel is wheelchair user-friendly and suitable for everyone.

People can benefit greatly from getting active by walking and cycling more frequently. By reducing our reliance on the car and public transport for journeys, we can also contribute to a safer environment.

Our company contributes to Active Travel by creating bike paths and safe walking routes in all regions in Cullion, making it easier for people to opt for these methods of transport for all their journeys.

The cycling or walking infrastructure we create will support active travel in these areas for many years, benefiting local adults and children and the environment as a whole.

Surfacing for Active Travel Cullion

We can offer various surfacing on any active travel scheme in Cullion to make cycling and walking easier.

Our infrastructure installation supports active travel methods like cycling, and we can provide various surfacing solutions to suit all needs. These are some of the surfacing solutions we use for active travel:

Wetpour Cullion

Wetpour is a great option for cycling and walking as it is a common safety surface. Wet pour can be used on all kinds of infrastructure to create a durable path that can support walking and bike rides for people of all ages.

Mulch Cullion

Rubber mulch is a biodegradable infrastructure that is commonly found in parks, children's play areas, and similar spaces. This is ideal for walking spaces and can improve the environment using natural resources.

Rhino Pave Cullion

Rhino Pave surfacing is used for walking and cycling journeys, this is another common safety surface commonly found in infrastructure like schools or playgrounds. This is made using rubber granules for additional bounce and durability.

Resin Bound Gravel Cullion

Resin bound gravel is a decorative stone surfacing which is commonly installed on pathways and cycle routes.

Resin bound gravel is made using resin particles, this surfacing is versatile and supports walking and cycling.

Artificial Grass Cullion

Commonly found in sports facilities, artificial grass creates a natural appearance without the demand for resources. This can be installed in multiple locations for cycle paths and walking routes.

High Durability Paint Cullion

We use high-quality paint to mark these zones to indicate where a cycling or walking path is.

We can offer a range of colours to improve the appearance of local areas and ensure that these areas are signposted clearly.

Thermoplastic Markings Cullion

Thermoplastic markings can also be used to indicate a cycling or walking route, as well as to make fun games for children.

Funding Cullion

Several funding options are in place to support Active Travel solutions in places of business. Contact us to learn more.

Active Travel in

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Active Travel Scheme in the UK?

The active travel scheme in the UK typically refers to initiatives and programs aimed at promoting and encouraging sustainable modes of transportation, such as walking and cycling.

These schemes are part of the UK government's efforts to reduce congestion, improve air quality, and promote healthier lifestyles.

Some of the key components of the active travel scheme in the UK include:

  • Cycling Infrastructure: The government invests in the development of cycling infrastructure, including dedicated bike lanes, bike-sharing programs, and secure bike storage facilities.

  • Walking Initiatives: Efforts are made to create pedestrian-friendly environments with improved sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, and safer walking routes.

  • Funding for Local Authorities: The government provides funding to local authorities for active travel projects, allowing them to implement measures that encourage walking and cycling.

  • Public Awareness Campaigns: Public awareness campaigns promote the benefits of active travel and encourage people to choose walking and cycling for short journeys.

  • School Travel: Programs are designed to encourage schoolchildren to walk or cycle to school, reducing car journeys and promoting healthy habits.

  • Legislation and Policies: The UK government has introduced policies and legislation to support active travel, such as the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS) and the Highway Code updates to improve road safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

  • Low Traffic Neighborhoods: The creation of low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) aims to reduce through traffic on residential streets, making them safer and more pleasant for walking and cycling.

  • Funding for Active Travel Infrastructure: Investment is made in building infrastructure that encourages active travel, such as cycleways, footpaths, and greenways.

Local authorities often play a significant role in implementing active travel projects tailored to the needs and priorities of their communities.

For the most up-to-date information on active travel schemes in the UK, you can refer to the official websites of the UK government, the Department for Transport (DfT), and local authorities in specific regions or cities.

Active Travel in

What is an Active Travel Path?

An active travel path, also known as an active travel route or active transportation path, is a designated pathway or route designed to facilitate and encourage non-motorized forms of transportation, primarily walking and cycling.

These paths are intended to promote physical activity, reduce dependence on motorized vehicles, improve public health, and create sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation options.

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Active travel is a great opportunity for people to go on walks or cycle around their local areas.

If you are a business or local authority interested in making this happen, do not hesitate to contact us today to see how we can help.


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